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Regular Forum Multimedia
Media are the aggregate correspondence outlets or apparatuses that are utilized to store and convey data or information. It is either connected with communication media, or the particular organizations. For example, print media and the press, photography, publicizing, film, TV (radio and TV), and/or distributed. This can incorporate, however not restricted to informal communication locales, for example, Facebook and Twitter, general sites and meetings with authorities.
Granma Today, 4:06 AM, By Moira
Topics: 518 Replies: 2,455
Regular Forum Militant Operations and Response
The coordination of military actions of a state or non-state actors in response to developing situations which call for forces to be deployed on Operations across the country they reside in or as expeditionary force to respond to global conflict. This also covers the transportation of military assets, base relocations and announcements from the Ministry of Defence.
[GOC]: Sea Trials (Atlantic) Today, 10:20 PM, By Nathan
Topics: 852 Replies: 7,848
Subforums: Military Training and Exercises
Regular Forum Political Affairs
Political Affairs contains all internal and external political events including but not limited to Meetings, Phone Calls, Summits and State Visits. Allowing countries to negotiate and carry out diplomatic missions from one state or an international inter-governmental organisation.
[Sweden] A Private Reminder to Brazil 24 minutes ago, By Shyzanz
Topics: 3,802 Replies: 44,122
Subforums: [GA] Global Assembly, Proposed Resolutions, [ISAF] Independent States Allied Force
Regular Forum International Events
Consisting of any event from Sports such as the Olympics to more country-oriented events including Natural Disasters, Charity Drives but also embassy closures, government changes that do not fit in media or other subforums and election polls that may result in governmental changes in your country.
[Sweden] The Lost Embassies Today, 7:20 AM, By RHYSC
Topics: 449 Replies: 2,697