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Regular Forum Great Britain [Great Britain]: UK Space Agency Feb 23 2018, 11:36 PM, By Jamie
Topics: 27 Replies: 50
Subforums: Internal Affairs, Politics, Ministry of Defence
Regular Forum Regnum in Italia Directorate of Foreign Relations Mar 3 2018, 09:09 PM, By Logan
Topics: 3 Replies: 0
Regular Forum Federal Republic of Portugal [Portugal] : International Trade and Trade… Feb 24 2018, 05:45 PM, By BrunoT
Topics: 18 Replies: 4
Subforums: Internal Events
Regular Forum Kingdom of the Netherlands [Netherlands] Ministerie van Buitenlandse … Mar 4 2018, 12:57 PM, By Dutchy
Topics: 45 Replies: 26
Subforums: Internal Affairs, Politics, Armed Forces
Regular Forum Principality of Malta The House of Scholars Mar 6 2018, 07:07 AM, By Amber
Topics: 4 Replies: 4
Regular Forum République Française CMA CGM Mar 4 2018, 08:43 PM, By Humanity
Topics: 3 Replies: 0
Regular Forum Hellenic Republic [GRE] National News Outlet Feb 13 2018, 06:27 PM, By Winter
Topics: 5 Replies: 0
Regular Forum Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia SFRY: Ministry of State Security Feb 18 2018, 11:40 AM, By Dovakhin
Topics: 5 Replies: 0
Regular Forum The Irish Republic [Ireland]: An tAerchór Feb 25 2018, 12:43 AM, By Danny
Topics: 3 Replies: 0
Subforums: Politics, Emergency Services
Regular Forum Republic of Austria [Austria] Federal Police Mar 2 2018, 02:02 AM, By Cloud_M
Topics: 14 Replies: 0
Regular Forum The Russian Federation The Russian Navy Mar 1 2018, 09:55 PM, By JJSmithJr
Topics: 4 Replies: 0
Regular Forum The Third Unitary Republic of Poland
Moderated By: Zager
Ministry of Religious Affairs Mar 17 2018, 01:13 AM, By Zager
Topics: 24 Replies: 0
Subforums: Internal Affairs and Structure, Military Structure of the Polish Armed Forces, Military Operations List of the Unitary Republic of Poland, Political Events, Training Records of the Unitary Republic of Poland, Laws, Bills, the Constitution, and Amendments to the Polish Constitution, Profile of the President and Prime Minister of Poland
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