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[MN]: Roleplay Rules
Topic Started: Jul 27 2017, 07:16 PM (2,980 Views)
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  1. All Topics and Posts under "Militant Operations and Response" are to exceed 100 Words. Disputed topics should be reported using the Support Ticket tool, before posting any roleplay response.

  2. Logistics and Deployments must be clearly recorded (If possible) in the first post of all Military Operations and Exercises, using a simple list format. Please use the Transit System to calculate travel.

  3. Newest members have 91 days (Approximately 3 months) of immunity against military or intelligence attacks. This will be withdrawn when the Player provokes, or prompts war and conflict during any immunity period.

  4. Players have 24 Hours to counter any attacks during PvP (Player v Player), before the action is verified. Godmodding is against the rules of conflict, causing your opponent to win by default.

  5. Annexation is permanent. Members affected, will be responsible for obtaining their Nation's independence. In the event of a Full Transfer, the status will exchange with the player's new choice of Nation.

  6. Territory / Domain must be captured via the Armed Forces (Military), and not diplomatic means. Territory may be Sold, or Exchanged between players. If an NPC (Non-Player) Nation is invaded, a member will be designated to roleplay on their defence.

  7. Structuring Armed Forces (Air force, army and navy) is the responsibility of the player. Without structure, all personnel are based within the Capital City.

  8. Personnel Productions (Astronauts, where applicable) to be submitted using the Recruitment Page. Basic Training is provided by default and players may opt to specialize in one subject. For example, Paratrooping. Duration to exceed 31 days (OOC) at a cost of $5,000 (Per personnel) or more, to encourage realism. For more information, please visit the Training FAQ's.

  9. After completing any Personnel Productions, players may continue to Train, or Advance personnel in those subject areas. This must be done under "Military Training and Exercises". Topics must contain at least 5 posts consecutively over 7 days, for each additional skill. Training Exercises are not covered in your running costs, and must be financed using the Training Fund's page. Every exercise should cost $50,000,000 or more.

  10. Players must designate a Trainer Aircraft, and have at least 1 available before Personnel Productions are submit in Economy.

  11. Asset Productions (Vehicles, aircraft, vessels and small arms) to be submitted using the Purchase Form. An asset topic must exist, either separately or within an Armed Forces topic. Please submit these in the Government Subforums provided. Players are responsible for updating stock quantities. You cannot edit your Asset Production topics during war. This is to prevent Players from tampering with their figures.

  12. Players involved in a Military Operation and/or War must submit a Support Ticket requesting the "Final Statistics" when the roleplay ends. URLs relevant to your Operation/War must be sent in your Support Ticket. A member of the Staff Team, (Jamie, Hollie, Naio or Dutchy) will review the topic(s) and decide on the final casualties and the number of assets destroyed. These assets must be removed from your Production Lists, at your earliest convenience.

  13. Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nuclear) with the exception of Chemical and Biological weapons are banned.


  1. Purchase Forms produce one type of asset and not the same product within 24 hours of each other, unless the order is for another. Please specify the variant. Use the Catalogue to determine prices and submit a Price Request for unlisted products. For more information, please visit the Economy FAQ's.

  2. Navy Vessels to be produced individually, aside from RHIB's, Fast Attack Boats and any asset with a length under 260ft.

  3. Players can only produce assets that the Nation (they chose) operate in real life. By default, product ownership is determined by National Origin. Visit the Commerce and Marketing page to buy products from other countries. An incomplete order for another player will be void, when the player responsible for the order leaves. Payments will not be reversed. For more information, please visit the Ownership / Shares FAQ's.

  4. Newest members must wait 91 days (Approximately 3 months) and existing players who have recently transferred, must wait 62 days to purchase any parent company or subsidiary. Players can only purchase companies of their nation and must have shares to a company to sell to other players. To purchase shares, submit a Price Request. Companies from A-list countries (United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, India, China, Brazil) are not transferable.

  5. Domestic Production Rights may be issued to players, so they can produce locally. Licenses are immediately withdrawn when the player (Who sold the DPR) leaves the roleplay. Players can only issue Domestic Production Rights on products they own by default.

  6. The Economy System is IC (in character). Please refer to the system as "Bank". An NPC representative, roleplayed by staff may comment on player transactions. Click here for the latest example.

  7. The Bank will charge a 5% interest fee when balances are in deficit, and will increase for long periods. Players trying to produce / transfer funds with a deficit balance of $20,000,000,000.00 or more, will be declined. When interest charges exceed income and solutions to improve balances haven't been successful, players must submit a Bankruptcy Form. Assets will be taken (no more than 45%) to cover your debts, and any remaining balance is expunged. Trade is suspended for 6 weeks afterwards.

  8. Debt significantly impacts the the Country's living standards, for the worse. Factories close, increasing unemployment. The government earns an unreliable reputation, which other players refuse to do business with. Share Prices are valued less than other shareholders, and will affect the overall value of a company in the stockmarket.

  9. When someone purchases (Real life) Company Shares, the offices to that Company are NPC. Players must build their own HQ (And relevant offices) within the game.


  1. All roleplay topics and responses are subject to GMT UK Timezone, and respectively GMT BST (British summer time)

  2. Sending a solid letter takes 24 OOC hours to arrive. (Electronic emails, Fax, etc are instant)

  3. Emails, Letters and Fax would require an Encrypted/Private status, Per post. Calls would require an Encrypted/Private status once, Per topic at the beginning of the call. Visits and Meetings would require a Private/Confidential status once, Per topic. This should be done by the Player host at the beginning of the meeting. Operations and Exercises would require an Encrypted/Private status, Per post to cover all transit of Personnel and Equipment therein.

  4. When any of the aforementioned incidents occur and the player has not stated "Private/Secret or Encrypted" in the Content of the Post / Topic, please assume the media are present. Any topic without the above status is Public Knowledge. (Topic Titles and descriptions aren't valid)

  5. Embassies are determined by real life. Players may close undesired government offices, or relocate them by creating a topic in "International Events".

  6. The use of "1 Line Sentences" as Game Responses are Banned (Excluding Economy / Phone calls). To improve the standard of Roleplay, aim for Paragraphs!

  7. Intelligence Agencies (HQ) and Personnel to be created using the Infrastructure and Recruitment Page. A topic must exist, separately within the Government subforums provided.

  8. The Intelligence Agency must be monitoring a Government, individual or entity before trying to decode / intercept calls and emails. A separate post is required to confirm monitoring behaviour. All Topics and Posts are to exceed 100 words.

  9. Searching Intelligence Operatives at airports may only be performed with genuine reason. (Travel Advice warnings, suspicion etc)

  10. Permission must be obtained to roleplay Terrorism in an NPC (non-player) country, or obtain permission from a player for PC Nations.


  1. A Dead Transfer costs $5.00 and enables the player to change country, following a reset. A Full Transfer costs $10.00 and enables the player to change country, with current diplomatic ties, asset productions and history. Players must wait 62 days from the last transfer to change country again. For more information, please visit our Contributions Page.

  2. When a full transfer is made, existing assets must be changed to an equivalent counterpart, which the new Nation operates. Other players have 14 days to ask the Player (who transferred) to find alternatives, if those products are not accessible. Products with no equivalents to stay the same.

  3. Newest members are entitled to 1 Dead Transfer (Free of charge), covered by the Administrative Team. This may be taken at any time.

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