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[MN]: Getting Started
Topic Started: Jul 29 2017, 04:44 PM (3,192 Views)
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We are a Geopolitical Nation Simulation offering you a new kind of experience. That is, we're set on an Alternative Earth opposed to real life! Players join as the country of their choice, taking control of their Economies, Military and Government. You'll be asked to weigh in on various matters of state, and faced with a number of choices. Are you prepared for this? Even better, there are no Government restrictions! (You heard me) Whether you're a Dictatorship, Monarchy or Empire is down to you. Engage in military operations from counterinsurgency to conventional warfare, or participate in organisations like the Global Assembly. Your time is now, what will you do? Ally or conspire against other nations, each led by a player like you. Welcome to Modern Nations!


Joining us couldn't be more simple by visiting our Application page. See Figure (1). Please use your RL age, as per our terms and conditions. What happens after you submit? Your application will appear in our "Staff Zone", until an Administrator is free! This is usually within 12 hours. While you wait, please make sure to familiarize yourself with our Forum Rules. Any questions? Just contact a member of Staff!


When your application is approved, you must start structuring your Armed Forces. Modern Nations is set on an Alternative Earth, so players have the freedom to structure, as easy as they like and you don't have to go by real life! See Figure (2), Figure (3), Figure (4), Figure (5) and Figure (6) for examples. Most of our players have comprehensive structures and include regiments, divisions and squadrons. Don't worry, we don't think any less of players who adopt easy formats! A simple list format like Figure (7) is more than adequate. You can submit these topics in your Government Section, under the relevant continent.

Your Government topic ideally lists your Leader/Prime Minister or President and the ministries. See Figure (8), Figure (9) and Figure (10) for examples.

  • New members start with 15,000 Personnel, to be organised in the Army, Air Force and Navy.
  • By default, you have the standard Personal Equipment to match quantity of Personnel.
  • Aside from this, you start with zero equipment (Tanks, infantry vehicles, submarines, aircraft etc).
  • To produce more Personnel, please visit Recruitment, or alternatively visit the Purchase page for equipment.


Contacting other countries is an important step! Figuring out who you can trust is all part of the game, and we advise you find out sooner than later. So, what methods of communication can you use to contact your important people? Phonecalls, including Skype, emails, fax and letter. Lest we forget, official visits. Submit all of these under the Political Affairs column. Be on your way!

#1 Calling: "The argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs would call his british counterpart urgently on a private and secure line"
#1 Answering: "The British Minister of Foreign Affairs would answer, privately and encrypted "Hello?"

#2 Calling: "Grand Vizier Ahmet Tevfik II makes a private, encrypted call to the office of PRC President Juan Yu"
#2 Answering: "Juan Yu would ask if the call is encrypted or not, when he got the green light he answered: "Hello my name is Juan Yu..."

See Figure (11), Figure (12), Figure (13) and Figure (14) for email examples. These templates were made using BBcode. For a comprehensive list, visit the Tutorial.


Don't blow your budget! Wait until you can afford the best equipment on offer. You aren't the first person to feel intimidated (And you aren't the last). Lots of people assume that the largest army wins. (What a logistical nightmare) Producing Equipment couldn't be easier. Everything you need is on the sidebar. See Figure (15). (Hover your cursor over the icons to reveal what they are).

You can only produce equipment your Nation operates in real life, and by visiting the Purchase Form. Use the correct Product Type. (Personal equipment, Vehicle production (This covers aircraft), Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyers, Submarines, Amphibious assault ships, Aircraft carriers and Super carriers). Visit the Catalogue to obtain a unit cost for your product. See Figure (16). This is, by no means an exhausted list. Not every product you want to produce is listed, so you might need to submit a Price Request.

  • There is no timescale or total cost on your Purchase Form, because these calculations are made automatically. (Based on the quantity being produced)
  • Confirm the Product is on the Catalogue, by marking Yes. Marking No will reroute you to the Price Request tool.
  • These productions will be checked by a member of staff which we call "Processing", before being moved to the economy main board.
  • Players must respond (on, or after the completion date) confirming the manufacturing phase is complete.
  • Admins invoice approximately once a week, and all expenses will be deducted from player balances.


It's been a long journey. Just a little further to go! The Economy System is one of our most unique features, and vastly improving with age. The overview is most important, showing your current balance ($) in american dollar. This is the only currency we use. See Figure (17) for an example. Every player has a Transaction list, with expenses and income. See Figure (18) and you can see a visual representation of the economy (Nations with the least money, and those with the most). Figure (19). So, how does it work?

  • At registration, you're asked to establish a Tax Rate. This is the amount charged to per citizen, and then calculated with population.
  • Running costs only cover the cost of Ministry personnel, offices and supplies. Not operations, exercises or training.
  • Those running costs are then subtracted by tax, leaving you with a remaining balance. (For exact formula, submit a Support Ticket)
  • Taxes (Your income) is calculated every two weeks, on a Sunday. Find "Statistics" on the sidebar to see when taxes are due.
  • To receive income, you must roleplay 8 consecutive posts between two tax weeks. Short, brief sentences and Economy are not evaluated.

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