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Argentina 2015 Program
Topic Started: May 7 2018, 08:03 PM (123 Views)
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The argentine government has announced the execution of a new quadrennial infrastructure development program, to be carried out between december 2011 and december 2015.

It will include the execution of dozens of major strategic infrastructure projects around the whole national territory, with the ultimate goal to bring the nation to the highest standards and making it the leading nation in terms of quality of living for the population through public services and economic devopment through the improvement of transportation and logistic solutions.

Year I
Project NameLocation, date & descriptionBudget
Patagonian Highway NetworkProvinces of Rio Negro, Santa Cruz, Neuquen and Chubut.

December 2011

Extension of the highway network in the souther provinces, boosting interconnection and reducing transit and transport times for goods between cities and ports.
Southern Ocean CorridorProvince of Tierra del Fuego and Santa Cruz

January 2012

Cosntruction of a vehicle bridge between the two provinces to allow crossing over the Magallanes Strait, making it not necesary to cross over Chile to cross between both provinces. 41km extension.

Matanza-Riachuelo Sewerage and Water Treatment NetworkCity and Province of Buenos Aires

February 2012

Extension and mdoernization of the sewer network and water treatement plant in the La Matanza/Riachuelo basin, impriving the quality of life of 4,3 million people.
Chaco AquaductProvince of Chaco

March 2012

Construction of the Chaco Aquaduct, crossing from east to west the northern province of that name, providing fresh water to cities and towns in the interior of the province, reaching up to 417,000 inhabitants.
Mitre and Roca HydroelectricsProvince of Santa Cruz

April 2012

Construction of two hydroelectric plants over the Santa Cruz river, providing additional mW to the national interconnected energy network.
Belgrano Cargo RailwayNothern half of Argentina

May 2012

Modernization and upgrade of the Belgrano cargo railway line that connects Buenos Aires with the northern protion of the naiton and its productive regions. Includes acquisition of new wagons and locotmotives in addition to renewing supporting infrastructure.
Cordoba SewersProvince of Cordoba

June 2012

Extension of the sewer network in the Province of Cordoba, completing the remaining 25% of the population currently lacking it.
Burying of the Sarmiento Railway LineCity and province of Buenos Aires

July 2012

Burying the first part of the Sarmiento Railway Line to improve road traffic and safety as well as lowering commute time between the outskirts and the downtown of Buenos Aires.
San Antonio ChannelProvince of Santa Fe and Cordoba

August 2012

Land improving to avoid the frequent flooding of agricultural land in Santa Fe and Cordoba, improving the lifes of up to 168,000 inhabitants.
Hurlingham Water treatment PlantProvince of Buenos Aires

September 2012

Improvement of the Hurlingham water treatment plant to allow a better service to the inhabitants of the area, providing a wider coverage of drinking water.
Street Lighting Renewal ProjectMajor Cities

October 2012

Renewal of the street lighting in all major argentine cities and replacement with LED lights to reduce energy consumption and extend lifespan.
Conurbano Public HousingProvince of Buenos Aires

November 2012

Construction of new public housing in the outskirts of Buenos Aires and relocation of shanty town inhabitants.

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