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[Vatican] An Appeal to The Leaders of Europe; Germany, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Global Assembly
Topic Started: May 15 2018, 10:19 PM (349 Views)
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From: His Holiness Pope Anthony, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church
Prime Minister Jericho Bourne of The United Kingdom
Secretary General Gregory Figueroa of The Global Assembly
King Vincenzo Navarro of The Kingdom of Italy
President Marine Le Pen of The French Republic
President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa of The Republic of Portugal
Minister-President Jack Wald of The Kingdom of The Netherlands
President Lucian Volk of The Federal Republic of Germany

Your Majesty, Your Excellencies, and Honorable Prime Ministers,

I am writing to you personally on the most urgent of matters in Europe. For many years now our continent has been in a state of instability compared to the relative tranquility experienced at the end of the twentieth-century. Clearly, fault does not lie with any specific country or leader. But we all have, to some degree, lost the spirit that was uniting the people and governments of Europe for greater causes. I beseech all seven of you to reignite that spirit, even if it is only for a short while, to properly handle the terrifying and unacceptable situation in Austria.

Over the past months I have observed, with horror, the instability in Austria. That nation's government once stood as one of the many gleaming institutions of Europe, which nations around the world strove to emulate. It's people: successful and healthy. It's government: functioning and progressive. The nation: united and resolved. But now, Austria is in no such state of being.

Austria has descended from a model-nation, to a fascist dictatorship, and now to the full capitulation of any form of government and is on its knees as a lawless state, riddled with anarchy. With no institutions of government, no laws, and now law enforcement, the people stand on the very edge of calamity. It is only a matter of time before disease, murder, and the total restoration of savagery infiltrates the Austrian people.

I write to you six because I consider your nations the leaders of Europe. Your six countries - governments, militaries, and people included - have the power to do unimaginable good for the world if you all work together. I understand the spirit of European unity is not what it once was, but I pray that your mighty kingdoms and republics will unite in spirit for this one common cause - saving Austria - and will do so swiftly. I especially urge the cooperation of the Italian and German governments, both of which border Austria. I implore the two of you, King Vincenzo and President Volk, to closely work together and in cooperation with the other mighty states of Europe to solve the Austrian problem.

It has been decades since Europe has seen a state's government crumble and it's people left with no leaders or voice. As the shepherd of the largest flock of faithful in Europe and the world, I feel it is my responsibility to remind all of you that your mighty countries have a duty to your fellow man. At the very least, the Austrian people deserve a united and functioning government of their own - please, render assistance.
You are your brother's keeper.

By The Grace of God,


Pope of The Catholic Church
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To - The Bishop of Rome
From - The Stateless Confederation of Austria

all do respect, the people of Austria were abandoned long ago first under Fascism and then Liberal Democracy both of which promised the people of Austria a peaceful and prosperous future yet no such future materialized for under Fascism we faced censorship and oppression through a party which claimed to represent the Christian heritage of Austria and the values of that wonderful heritage along with a organization of gangster like thugs. the restoration of the republic gave us a little bit of a breather but like the previous system failed to meet the needs of the Austrian people who clamored for a change of pace. The Anarchist Movement known as The United Front was that change of pace.

You speak of peace and freedom yet smell of war and tyranny. by encouraging the nations to destroy the rights and liberties of a free people you are doing the work of Satan. but we are justly reminded that Rome never stood for Christendom but rather for that same old cursed empire which persecuted Christians and Jews with impunity. you changed your name from Caesar to Pope but you failed to change your ways for you bask in the wickedness of fallen men while claiming to be the source of their salvation.

Austria isn't riddled with chaos and mayhem if anything we are a free land based upon the notion that all men are created free and equal in both right and association for it was God who gave us the right to Life, Liberty, and Property. it is the state that wishes to play God and deprive his creation of those natural rights. we are in the process of rebuilding and constructing a society which is stateless and free one in which there are no human masters.

it is my sincere hope that the Bishopic of Rome reconsider it's purposed course of action before Europe plunges itself into a war which will make previous hostilities look like mere child-splay. if you are truly our brother's keeper then leave us in peace as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Signed, Anonymous
Guardian of Free Austria

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1349-022 Lisboa, Portugal
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Encrypted & Private Message from the Federal Republic of Portugal

To Your Holiness the Pope,Anthony

I thank you for writing to us in one of the darkest moments in Europe, and to inform you that we agree and subscribe to everything you said in your previous email. As a European Nations with set values of Peace and Prosperity, do agree that something must be done in Austria, however there are still old rivalries in Europe which probably wont allow for such a union. I however shall try and gather as much support as possible from ISAF and the GA to prevent another calamity in Europe at the hands of Austria.

Yours Sincerely
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President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
The Federal Republic of Portugal

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