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Character Depository (OOC Bios); MN Characters Hailing from the Kingdom of Italy
Topic Started: Jun 13 2018, 03:28 AM (105 Views)
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Vincenzo Navarre, Re D'Italia

General Information

Full Name/Style/Title:
His Majesty, Vincenzo Navarre, Re D'Italia, Duke D'Este.
Callsigns or Alias:
Hitman 1 Actual (when commanding military operations on the field), Oracle (when commanding from command centers)
Date of Birth:
March 21st, 1991
Place Of Birth:
Modena, Italy
King of Italy, Head of State, Head of Government, Military Officer (on the field he holds the rank of Major)


Bad Habits:
Rushing into action prematurely, taking personal risks quickly and without thinking, he's rather rash at times, and while he doesn't usually have an short temper, when it is set off he explodes like Carnivale Fireworks in Venice.

General Personality:
Despite his youth and relative inexperience, Vincenzo is rather cool, calm, and well-collected during most stressful situations, and has a determined demeanor that some find to be intimidating and others off-putting, but nonetheless lets everyone know that he's always looking either to turn a bad situation around, or multiply a good situation in the best way possible. However, he's not without his flaws, and while some consider his more strategic moves to take too long to play, he is also known for taking rash actions, moving quickly when he thinks the iron is hot, and rushing into situations without trying to understand the full weight of the conversation.

While he doesn't oftentimes have a temper, when he does get angry, it tends to build up in a similar fashion to an overworked boiler, in which case he can, rarely, explode in a dramatic fashion. This can involve some rather epic rants, even more rash than usual actions being taken, and, if it gets bad enough, frequent trips to military exercise centers in Rome to take out his anger on a strength bag. His rare displays of explosive fury can be likened to US Presidents John Adams or Ronald Reagan.

Character's History

His only sister is Rozenn Navarre, Lady d'Este, 2 years his junior.

Nolwenn Schurmburger, Duchess d' Este, born in Italy in the '60s to Alsatian and Breton Refugees (from WWII). Still alive.

Bernd Salvatore, Duke D'Este, Born to the house of Austria-Este in the 50s, in 2001 inherited the headship of the Italian branch of Austria-Este, died in 2007 during a car accident.

Other Family:

He's decently close cousins with the rest of the House of Austria-Este, and is distant cousins with the Hapsburgs and any of their Cadet and Constituent Houses.


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